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How to run your hacking tools through TOR proxy

Here's a simple way to improve your anonymity by running your tools through TOR proxy.

1st - From the command line type: sudo apt-get install tor
Note: this doesn't install the actual browser

2nd - Start the TOR proxy service: sudo service tor start
TOR proxy service should now  be listening on port 9050. We can check this by typing: sudo netstat -plnt
We should see:
tcp        0      0

3rd - Add the tor proxy to the settings of your tools. Most tools have a --proxy switch. TOR proxy is socks5, so you'll sometimes need to specify it.

For example, when using wpscan, you'll type: sudo wpscan --url http://example.com --proxy=socks5://

There are other times when you don't need to specify socks5. For example, you can see that in dirbuster - we just add host: port:9050

[Image: p6RkF0u.png]

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