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How to login to a target's FTP port as anonymous

anonymous ftp

It's always a good idea to see whether or not your target allows anonymous logins to their server via FTP.

A server might allow anonymous logins if it's purposefully configured that way for some reason.

However, some servers have just not been configured to disallowed anonymous FTP logins, therefore, you may be able to login in as anonymous and have a some privileges. If your privileges are low you may be able to find an exploit to escalate them.

To start an FTP connection from the terminal, simply type: ftp <addressofserver> <port>
The address could be an IP address or something that looks like a url.
I Find this way of open an FTP connection to ocassionally be buggy. So, I tend to do this by typing into the console: ftp (enter) open <addressofserver>

The credentials are: user:anonymous password:<blank> (the password is sometime: anonymous)

Here's an example screen-shot of logging into a server as the user:

anonymous ftp

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