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How to DOS Systems/Servers With a .JPG & .GIF Files

To DOS ( Denial of Service) a system or a website can be done by uploading or copying files to our target.

To do this with a .jpg file you can download lottapixel.jpg from: HERE
Note: Don't open it!

The image is 5kb, 260x260 pixels. The pixel values of 260x260 have been changed to 0xfafa x 0xfafa, which now gives the image 64250 x 64250 pixels. 
Once the jpg file has been upload to a website, or opened on a system, 4128062500 pixels will be allocate to the memory - causing a DOS.
So, if someone opens it up on their system, It will cause a system crash. Most websites that allow you to upload files have a size restriction put in place to prevent this to happen, but that isn't the same for them all.

The above DOS can also be performed by using a .gif file.
To perform this alternative, you can download uber.gif from HERE

This gif image is 1MB that contains 40 thousand images

Once again, this will DOS the system belonging to the person who opens it, but due to upload restrictions, it may take a few tries to find a website that is willing to accept it as an upload file.

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